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Follow the money to end factory farming

You are paying for this. Let's stop our taxes funding factory farming.

As part of our ongoing campaign to dismantle cruel, crazy factory farming, we’re following the money that’s being pumped into the industry. We've exposed a public bank using your money to pay for factory farming. Help us stop it.

Banking on brutality

Did you know that you’re funding factory farming? We all are – through the taxes that we, and our friends and family, pay.

We’ve been investigating the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). It’s a public bank, owned by us and funded through the taxes we pay, but it’s not taking our concerns on board. Even though most people are outraged at the dangers posed by factory farming – for animals, people and the planet – the EBRD is still banking on brutality.

Exposing the EBRD

Between 2002 and 2011, it’s been estimated1 that the EBRD spent a whopping €218 million on farm animal projects. We’ve explored several EBRD-funded farms and the results are shocking: animal and farm worker abuse; local communities driven to the edge; environmental damage. And our investigation is just the tip of the iceberg; wherever you go in the world, you find the same stories of destruction. Factory farming doesn’t work.

Explore our investigation into some of the factory farms that the EBRD funds with our money. Check out our short investigation film below or click here to get the full story.

All of this is happening despite the EBRD claiming that it seeks to ensure that the projects it finances are “socially and environmentally sustainable” and “respect the rights of affected workers and communities”2.

We held an emergency meeting with the EBRD to tell them what we found – they have said they will work to promote better animal welfare standards, but this only scratches the surface of the problem. Factory farming isn’t something that you can improve – it’s fundamentally flawed.

Take action to stop the EBRD banking on brutality

We’ve created a petition targeting the EBRD’s Board of Governors. They hold the power to stop this madness. Add your name to help us put even more pressure on the bank to stop funding factory farms.

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Sign the petition

We’ve created a petition targeting the EBRD’s Board of Governors. Add your name to help us put even more pressure on the bank to stop funding factory farms.

Dear EBRD Governors,

I urge you to stop the EBRD from financing factory farming projects. The EBRD prides itself on its sustainability credentials, but choosing to fund factory farming is in direct conflict with these credentials; factory farming is fundamentally unsustainable. Your recent move to adopt higher animal welfare standards is a step in the right direction, but it still allows animal suffering, it still wastes vital resources; it still threatens our health and wellbeing; and it still damages the environment. Please use your power as Governors of the EBRD to stop the bank from financing factory farming projects.